Corrosion Inhibitor for Fraction OVHD CDU System


Item   Quality Index
Appearance  Dark brown liquid
Kinematic viscosity(40ºC) ,  mm2 /s Actual observation
Density  (20ºC) kg/m³   800-1100
Freezing point, ℃less than 5



The Corrosion Inhibitor for Fraction OVHD CDU System is mainly used for low temperature corrosion caused by high HCL, H2S at distillation tower top of atmospheric and vacuum unit, Naphtha hydro-treating Unit, fractionating tower top of coking unit . 


1.Oil soluble, mutually soluble with gasoline, diesel, kerosene at any rate;

2.Wide PH range, little injection quality , wide protection area, high corrosion rate 

3. Composed by a variety of additives,could not affect product quality.


Injected from top , adding amount is 10-30 ppm (relative to the raw material)and should be doubled in the first month.


1. This product should be stored in ventilated, cool and dry storeroom, pay attention to the fire.

2. In the process of application, the user should choose the best use condition according to the actual situation of the factory .

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