2020-02-29 10:28:56

Crude Oil organochlorine transfer agent Won the Bid

Crude Oil Dechlorine Agent Won the Bid 

Crude Oil organochlorine transfer agent  Won the Bid 

We, Cangzhou Xinchang Chemical Corporation participated in the procurement tender of Dongying Lianhe Petrochemical in October 2018.Our company successfully won the bid, the winning product is YTV-2 Crude Oil Dechlorinating Agent, and the bid quantity shall be subject to the production quantity of Dongying Lianhe Petrochemical. 

At present, the electric desalting technique in oil refinery can only remove alkali or alkaline earth metal chlorides, but could not remove organic chlorides resulted from organic chlorine additive which is added during oil recovery process. It is known that during distillation organic chlorides can decompose partly and enter the top fraction to corrode equipment. 

Without any change of the technique, this problem can be solved by adding the Dechlorine Agent into crude oil before electric desalting. With the presence of the product, chlorine element from organic chlorides could be transferred to water phase by molecular interaction to achieve an effective removal of organochlorine. The product applies to all types of crude oil for organochlorine removal.


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