Oxygen Scavenger


It is a water-soluble catalyzed Oxygen Scavenger which soluble oxygen from water base drilling fluid system .  

Physical Properties:

Appearancewhite to off white powder
Sp.Gr1.2 – 1.3
PH ( 1%solubility )     9.0 -  9.4
Purity 99%


1. It is used to eliminate OXYGEN from water based drilling and packer fluids to prevent OXYGEN Corrosion. 

2. It is mixed with water and injected into the mud pump suction with a chemical pump or chemical barrel and hose.  A fresh Scavenger solution should be mixed each tour, and, any Oxygen Scavenger mixed for longer than 8 hrs should be discarded, as the solution will degrade with exposure to the atmosphere.  This material must be added continuously while circulating.

Recommended Treatment:

1. Treating rate is dependent upon the OXYGEN content of the drilling fluid and the circulating rate  

2. It should be fed into the mud pump suction as needed to maintain 75 to 125 ppm of sulfite at the flowline.  The sulfite concentration is determined by a titration procedure.


It is packaged in 25kg/ bag or as required.

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