Residuum Oil Fouling Inhibitor


This fouling Inhibitor is a very effective agent to keep the residuum oil system from forming scale, it also has certain effect in cleaning scale already existed in the system.  It is suitable for residuum oil pipeline, heat exchanger coking and incrustation, and can improve the efficiency of the heat exchanger to allow stable operation of the system, it can also prolong the operation cycle of the system and reduce system shut downs. 


1.The product has good dispersivity, it can effectively avoid accumulation of catalytic agent powder, corrosion products and salt, etc., suspended in the residuum oil, and therefore control the increase of particle in the residuum oil and deposition.

2.It has anti-oxidizing property, it can form inertia molecule with the oxidized free hydroxyl group and can stop polymerization caused by oxygen. 

3.It has metal passivation property, and corrosion resistant property and surface modification feature.

Technical Data

AppearanceDark brown thick oily fluid
Flash point  ℃, ≧60
Dynamic viscosity 40℃, mm2/sActual measure
Density 20℃, kg/m3900-1020

Package and Notice

1.It is packed in galvanized barrels, net weight is 180kg/barrel. 

2. Stored in cool and dry places, kept away from fire, handled with care.


1.The fouling inhibitor for residuum oil system should be mixed with diesel firstly according to certain ratio, then added to the residuum oil system through gear measuring pump.

2. The first time application, usage should be 150-300ppm, after one week, it should be changed to 40-70ppm.

3. In normal operation, the product should be added to the system continuously to reach the best effect.

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